Kamis, 12 Maret 2015

A Bowl of Happiness

Hey All....
Because this blog title Alin's kitchen so there must be a meal that produced by my kitchen. This is one of my fav. Easily made, quickly, certainly healthy and is undoubtedly rich in antioxidants. You do not have to worry about gaining weight while eating this because is A Bowl Of Happiness :-) 

How to make my bowl of happiness?

  1. Make your chia puding.
    1. Ingredients
      • 1 C raw almond mylk (you can make by your self or buy it). 
      • 4 TBS Chia Seed.
    2. How?
      • Mix raw almond milk and chia.
      • Stir a moment or two later. I stir it five minutes later, and five minutes after that. Then I let it sit for an hour (thirty minutes will be enough time if that’s all you have).
  2. Topped with your favorite fruits, seeds or nuts. (Mine is Red Dragon Fruit, Mango, Raw Cashew Nibs and Pumpkin Seeds)
  3. Enjoy your happiness.
NB : you can store it in Mason Jar and keep it in fridge for max. 3 days.

Minggu, 08 Maret 2015

Do An Vietnamese Restaurant

Coco Curry House: Curry Haven

My hubby only have once a week day off. He has full schedule from Monday to Sunday. So Sunday is the time for doing what we love to do. This weekend we have a plan to Grand Indonesia.

The front door looked like it was in Hong Kong.

The interior also looked nice and insta-worthy.

Minced beef curry. Hubby's favourite.

Stewed vegetables. My favorite.

Mushroom curry


Beef omelette curry.

Juicy and tender beef.

Al-Jazeera Sentral Serves New Menu: Lebanon Rice. And It's Good.

Lebanon Rice.

Sabtu, 07 Maret 2015

Bubur Tanjung: Timeless Classic

Sunday is the time for our quality time. Frequently, we spent it by running. However, I was ill that day and I prefer leyeh-leyeh than running. The weather was so perfect to stay in bed. Unfortunately, my hubby loves running better than his wife. 

After finishing his run, mu hubby asked me to have breakfast at Bubur Tanjung (I have been craving this bubur since a month ago). I was so ecstatic. That feeling is enough to wipe away any jealousy for his love of running.

Morning Luck.
We were lucky to be here early enough so that it was not too crowded at the time.
The best time to come here on Weekend is before 7 AM because the place gets very crowded with people who are finishing their exercises. After all, those people usually do sports on weekend anyway.

Ati Ampela.
My favourite.
The unique thing about this Bubur Tanjung is that the porridge is really delicious without any additional seasoning needed. This is not your typical runny porridge. Moreover, the shredded chicken comes in big chunks which are also tasted good. Combined with celery, cakwe, crackers, and fried shallot, this meal is a complete feast. If you need additional topping, you could asked for ati ampela, kulit ayam  or chicken wings. If you like it spicy, complete your bowl with special sauce from H. Jewo and enjoy!

The Usual Suspect.
Chicken, Cakwe, Crackers.

Bubur Tanjung H. Jewo
Location: Jl. Tanjung, Menteng
Opens: every day, 6 AM - sold out.
Price: IDR 18.000

Senin, 02 Maret 2015

Beyond Treats: Oat Chocochip Cookies

Initially, I never considered any egg-free cookies before. Pffft. How would cookies tasted if there weren't any egg in it. I shouldn't have said that. As it turned out, I was allergic to egg. Yup. And I only found out this year. January 6th, 2015 to be exact. The day I found out that i had so many allergies. More on that on another day.

So, while my egg consumption should be stopped, my cookies craving should not.
Now, here lies the problem, where would I found a delicious cookies without egg in the ingredients.

Lo and behold, my sister brought me Beyond Treats. A gluten-free, dairy-free, and egg-free cookies. Finally, I could get my hands (and mouth) on cookies that won't cause me an allergic reaction. That benefit itself is enough for me to recommend this cookies to anyone who is lucky enough to have an allergy with egg.

Gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free
Guilt-free not included
What did you say? The taste? Sorry, been busy munching these little darlings.
It taste delicious enough for me. The amount of chocolate chips they put in each and every cookies is so generous. Unfortunately, for my non-allergic-to-egg hubby, the taste felt a bit bland. He prefer more chocolate-gooey taste. And, unluckily for him, it turned out that he was allergic to chocolate. Ha. 

Look at all those chips waiting to be devoured
So, for all of you in desperate needs (or wants) of gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free cookies, Beyond Treats  should be on your top list.


Beyond Treats Web

Mama Fits: A Hidden Gem

Hello, world.

Today, I'm very excited and proud for my hubby finally become a Cardiologist. Yeayy. This means a lot for both of us because becoming a Cardiologist is a grueling and stressful years.

But now, he finally made it. Congratulations hubby. May you have a long and blissful career.

And today, we went to National Cardiovascular Center Harapan Kita (NCCHK) to celebrate it with his professors, teachers, colleagues, and friends.

To start the day, we had an early lunch at Mama Fits which is located near NCCHK. At first, when my hubby asked me to have a meal there, I was hesitated.
I'm thinking, "What kind of decent meal could they probably have?"

But boy, I was wrong. Our first meal arrived and it was a Chicken Porridge. I really like the taste. The consistency of the rice porridge was perfect and the chicken were also juicy. Dare I say, this is the best Chicken Porridge I've ever had.

And then, our second meal arrived. It was a Gyu Tan Don. The Gyu Tan was nice and tender. And for me who is allergic to MonoSodiumGlutamat (MSG), it was a blessing that the Chef here did not use any MSG at all. Bravo.

All in all, it was a truly enjoyable lunch. Sorry for doubting on you, hubby.

Mama Fits Facebook Page