Kamis, 12 Maret 2015

A Bowl of Happiness

Hey All....
Because this blog title Alin's kitchen so there must be a meal that produced by my kitchen. This is one of my fav. Easily made, quickly, certainly healthy and is undoubtedly rich in antioxidants. You do not have to worry about gaining weight while eating this because is A Bowl Of Happiness :-) 

How to make my bowl of happiness?

  1. Make your chia puding.
    1. Ingredients
      • 1 C raw almond mylk (you can make by your self or buy it). 
      • 4 TBS Chia Seed.
    2. How?
      • Mix raw almond milk and chia.
      • Stir a moment or two later. I stir it five minutes later, and five minutes after that. Then I let it sit for an hour (thirty minutes will be enough time if that’s all you have).
  2. Topped with your favorite fruits, seeds or nuts. (Mine is Red Dragon Fruit, Mango, Raw Cashew Nibs and Pumpkin Seeds)
  3. Enjoy your happiness.
NB : you can store it in Mason Jar and keep it in fridge for max. 3 days.

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