Sabtu, 07 Maret 2015

Bubur Tanjung: Timeless Classic

Sunday is the time for our quality time. Frequently, we spent it by running. However, I was ill that day and I prefer leyeh-leyeh than running. The weather was so perfect to stay in bed. Unfortunately, my hubby loves running better than his wife. 

After finishing his run, mu hubby asked me to have breakfast at Bubur Tanjung (I have been craving this bubur since a month ago). I was so ecstatic. That feeling is enough to wipe away any jealousy for his love of running.

Morning Luck.
We were lucky to be here early enough so that it was not too crowded at the time.
The best time to come here on Weekend is before 7 AM because the place gets very crowded with people who are finishing their exercises. After all, those people usually do sports on weekend anyway.

Ati Ampela.
My favourite.
The unique thing about this Bubur Tanjung is that the porridge is really delicious without any additional seasoning needed. This is not your typical runny porridge. Moreover, the shredded chicken comes in big chunks which are also tasted good. Combined with celery, cakwe, crackers, and fried shallot, this meal is a complete feast. If you need additional topping, you could asked for ati ampela, kulit ayam  or chicken wings. If you like it spicy, complete your bowl with special sauce from H. Jewo and enjoy!

The Usual Suspect.
Chicken, Cakwe, Crackers.

Bubur Tanjung H. Jewo
Location: Jl. Tanjung, Menteng
Opens: every day, 6 AM - sold out.
Price: IDR 18.000

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